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The Soap Incident
My baby is out of the comfort zone of my breast milk. He is over six months old now so I have just plunged him into the harsh world of weaning. For every mother who has to introduce real food to their baby, she knows that constipation is one of the most difficult conditions you have to deal with.

Like all new mothers, I have read numerous baby books, so I know quite a bit about constipation. Some magazines will tell you to massage the baby at the lower part of the abdomen, others will tell you to remove his diaper and soak him in soapy water and others will recommend two drops of Skilax and others will recommend inserting some tabs into the backside, some recommend that you go see your doctor.

But what does your mother say?

If you are far from home and baby won’t go to the toilet for two days, what will you do? That happened to us. We had gone to visit the parents upcountry with the baby and his body refused to pass stool for two days, yet he had taken all his meals and lots of water to boot.

We were scheduled to travel back on Sunday one day later, but I had left Skilax in the house. I guess the forces of nature decided I hadn't learnt enough from my mother-in-law and to give us more time, the car decided to break down, so we had to find a place to sleep over.

We ended up spending the night at a relative’s place and still the baby wouldn't pass stool.I tried massaging his stomach but this wasn't effective. This is the point where I learnt about 'The soap technique”. Determined to free her grandson of his discomfort, super grandmother decided to come to the rescue.

She got a piece of bar soap, cut it into a rectangular thin piece, dipped it into water to soften it and inserted it into my son’s behind. He cried so much from the pain, but it was not in vain because before long, he was passing out stool without trouble. Gosh so much stool was passed I was scared he was going to hurt his stomach walls.

How the soap works;

The stool is hard and releasing it causes considerable pain for the baby, so naturally, he will prefer to keep the stool inside rather than experience the pain. However, this causes him discomfort due to the pressure and gas building up inside.

What the soap does is to soften the stool and lubricate the anus therefore making it easier for the baby to pass the stool. The best part of this technique is that it has no side effects since you are not giving him any medication.

We would like to share your opinions on this technique with other women. Please ask your mother an older aunt or any other older woman whose opinion you value and let’s share with other women.

There is also the danger of compromising or sacrificing your interests, friends and activities to appear more compatible with your partner. Unfortunately, you will get tired of compromising after a while, something that may not sit well with your partner.


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